Pep-Calc API Documentation


Pep-Calc API is currently in beta and as such may be subject to change at any time.

Pep-Calc API provides programmatic access to the functionality offered by Peptide Calculator and Peptoid Calculator. Calls can be made to the API in the form of web (HTTP) requests which return JSON data objects.

Libraries for parsing JSON data are readily available in most languages, and are summarized at Pep-Calc API is therefore language-independent, and enables high-throughput calculation of peptide and peptoid properties and mass spectral peak assignment across multiple platforms.

To use the features of Pep-Calc API directly in Microsoft Excel see the Pep-Calc Microsoft Excel Add-In.

User’s Guide

Please explore the documentation below to discover what Pep-Calc API can do. Examples of how to write interfaces for Pep-Calc API in various languages are also provided.


Any project utilizing the features of Pep-Calc API (including software, web apps or other code) should clearly reference Pep-Calc API and include a link to prominently on any visual interface and as a comment in any code using the API. A citation of the relevant article published in the Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design should also be included.